1907 Resource Guide

Helpful hints for those wishing to attend the 1907 Centennial celebration, March 22, 2007  

WHEN: March 22, 2007, 9pm+
WHERE: Bedlam Arts, 1275 E. 6th Street off Alameda, downtown LA
COST: Free 

Coming in period costume is encouraged, circa 1907 or whatever delightful obsolete garb you can pull together.

Food makes every gathering especially sociable, and the organizers will be providing a small selection of historic dishes to sample. We invite anyone coming to the show to make something old fashioned to share (again, circa 1907 or from some other past time), and direct you to the following websites for recipe ideas:

Sweets and savories from the pages of Food Heritage Press reproduction cookbooks…. things Jane Austen might have eaten… treats of Roman and Medieval Britain… an array of edible riches from the archives of The Old Foodie.

If bringing something to share, please contact us before cooking so we can catch any duplicate dishes, and help answer any of your questions. Please note that the evening is dedicated to Maurice Zuckerman, the Potato King, and so dishes featuring the noble spud are especially welcome.  

For more background on 1907 in Los Angeles and elsewhere, the following sources are helpful. 

• Google News archival search for "Los Angeles, 1907" (you can search within these results by adding keywords)

• If you have a Los Angeles Public Library card, use it to log in to their database archive and search "Los Angeles Times, Historical Archives (ProQuest)" for day by day local coverage from 1907.

• UCSB has a digital collection of Edison cylinder recordings, including this nifty little ditty from 1907. 

• George Garrigues maintains a delightful website about Los Angeles in the ’00s. Here’s his material on 1907

• Wikipedia’s year 1907 in review. 

Stay tuned to this page for new resources as they occur to us, and please add your favorites in the comments below.

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