6217 Pala, To-day

I like to huff fumes as much as the next guy, paint included. Sure, they make you think some kraaaazy things. But honestly? The old bat was out to poison him. With aunt paste. Mmm, paint-and that Sherwin-Williams? Cover the Earth? Red? Commies. And that bastard Judge Fricke was in on it. Bastard Thulist Albert Pike Commie is what-murmur-

Here’s where that traitorous poisoness Lucy Nolan got what was coming to her-

(What do we notice about the houses on this street? They’ve been stucco’d-or “texture coated” as the man on the radio ad says, and will continue to say until he hangs from piano wire in the town square-and therefore there’s no paint around the ‘hood. No fume-crazed suburbanites drubbing family and friends. Man, I wish kids still built plastic models. Not a hint of mayhem or disorientation on this block. Made me want to push a shopping cart full of whippets and butyl through the streets-the first one is free-then they’ll have to pay for the paint thinner and scotch-guard and white-out and felt tip markers-what am I going on about? Sorry. Am building a ’64 Aurora Dr. Jekyll kit and the Testers is really getting on top of me.)

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