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Costello must’ve gotten one hell of a paycheck for 1948’s…Meet Frankenstein. (1947’s $7,000 has 2005’s purchasing power of $62,529.) This, despite Bud Abbot famously signing lousy contracts while liquored to the gills (he was combating epilepsy—it was medicinal).

So…did Costello skim from the Lou Costello Jr. Foundation? Not likely. Costello bordered on the Christlike, as he—after his 3-yr-old son drowned in daddy’s Los Angeles pool—became obsessed with building churches and sending terminally ill children to world-class doctors. Every child a potential Lazarus.

Valley landmark, the LCJF:

(As for Bud Abbot, by Costello’s death in ’59 [there was no resurrection], Abbot had become penniless and forgotten, excepting some work voicing himself in the 1966 Hanna-Barbera A&C cartoon.)