8680 Wilshire, To-day

Again with the AFL (set your 47p wayback machine for October 9)…fortunately, we’ve since learned that whacking labor leaders and firing into crowds with the odd SKS are the preferred methods of contract negotiation.

Culinary workers? Long hours, sure, but they don’t hurt for eatin’. AFLCW didn’t hurt for anything, being one of LA’s famously corrupt mob puppets before their eventual implosion.

The Bombay Palace, at 8690, is a prewar brick building with a new façade. But our Vallera’s at 8680 is lost to the winds, the winds that carried off the last stench of class struggle…

My, isn’t this riot of AFL window-smashing & stench-bombing charmingly old school? Less charming, we must suppose, should you have to smell the stench.

FYI, should you need to show your displeasure with the company unions by the boss making by the workers double cross: hydrated lime may be purchased where cement is sold, and sulfur is the primary ingredient in rose dust; mix at one to two, add water and heat. Pour off into a container leaving the lime residue behind. Now add sulfate of ammonia (also in your garden department). Stir, cover, drain through cheesecloth into the bottle you’re about to throw, and there you have it. You now know as much as the Folks of 47 and we implore each and every proletariat on the side of the pin-setters to begin stench bombing Los Angeles in earnest. You have nothing to lose but your chains and stuff.