Drown A Cold, Feed a Fever

January 8, 1947
Lincoln Heights

Streetcar motorman Jesse Viscarra, 33, is not one to suffer a cold lightly. Returning home to 2403 N. Broadway on his lunch break after sneezing and wheezing all morning, he told his wife that his Army buddies had always sworn by “the old reliable” when a bug struck, and he reckoned he’d do the same.

So after snorting a snootful, Viscarra returned to his route and promptly crashed into a car driven by Mrs. Olga Milosevick, of 733 Bernard Street, at the corner of College and North Broadway. Arriving officers got a whiff of Viscarra’s breath and whisked him off to the Lincoln Heights drunk tank, while Viscarra moaned that he’d never had an accident before, and that the lady had turned in front of him.

Well, so what if she did? He’s still admittedly guilty of California Penal Code 367F, operating a streetcar while inebriated.