Your Dog's Breakfast rides the Charles Bukowski bus

Radio Feature by Ryder Palmere - Your Dog's Breakfast: Episode 105: “This is Charles Bukowski…”

A brief history of the Angelino man known as the Poet Laureate of Skid Row, who pulled poetry out from beneath itself in the 20th century. We’ll take a look at his life as partially told by the Esotouric bus tour, rolling through the neighborhoods in which he lived and created his greatest works, stopping by a bar or two in which he drank. Have a seat and bring a beer.

Bukowski tour

Too bad I missed this, sounded like fun. Used to see him every now and then when I first started hanging out with the Alleyheads( a local metal band). I guess we frequented the same dives....which unfortunately, are now chi-chi velvet-roped yuppie bars with bouncers. Once, I picked him up out of the gutter near Sarno's some years back. He had passed out and his two female companions were having trouble pulling his great bulk out of the way of passing buses and traffic.