Crimebo on WIBC radio today

Crimebo the Crime Clown will be talking about his unique brand of birthday fun on the Wilson Show on Indianapolis radio WIBC today at 3:10 Pacific Time. You can hear Crimebo on the web at (click the "listen live" button in the upper right). Go little Crime Clown, go!

Photos from the August 6 Pasadena Confidential Tour

Yesterday’s Pasadena Confidential Crime Bus Tour was a hoot, as we glided around the Crown City in our air conditioned murder bus with a happy coterie of grisly lookyloos. Here are a few photos snapped along the way…

Below, Crimebo honors the lucky Miss Cathy with a pre-birthday litany of all the horrors that happened on the day she was born.

Crimebo the Crime Clown reads to Cathy

Here, Crimebo and hosts Kim and Nathan take a mid-tour breather at Connal’s on Washington Boulevard, conveniently loated between the sites of a hammer murder and a bathtub suicide. Plus their malts is yummy!

1947project Crime Bus hosts Kim and Nathan with Crimebo the Crime Clown

And another view of that scary clown Crimebo… don’t you want him at your birthday party?!


Crimebo the Crime Clown reads from his Big Book of Crime

Pasadena Weekly Puts Crimebo and Pals on its Cover

1947project on the Pasadena Weekly cover

All the world loves a clown… especially a Crime clown! And when the editor of Pasadena Weekly heard about Crimebo, he upgraded Carl Kozlowski’s planned feature on the Pasadena Confidential tour from the arts section to the cover! Sneak a peek, online or in person, and don’t miss Matt Craig’s evocative photos.

1947project in the Pasadena Weekly interior

Crimebo on The Don & Mike Show – today!

Newsflash: I have just learned that our popular Crime Clown Crimebo will be interviewed on The Don & Mike Show at 2:30pm Pacific Time today. Tune in online to hear Crimebo share a special tale from August 2, 2002, involving a teenage vampire and his 90-year-old neighbor. You just know with a cast of characters like that, it’s either going to be a love story or… well, let’s just say it is not a love story.

Click LISTEN LIVE on the upper left of their webpage for your daily dose of Crimebo. 

Menaced by Crimebo

Kim, Nathan and Crimebo Yes, kids, that’s Crimebo the Crime Clown looming horribly behind 1947project Crime Bus Tour hosts Kim and Nathan (and Nathan’s collection of embalming fluid bottles), in an outtake from today’s photo shoot for the cover of Pasadena Weekly!

You can hear Crimebo tonight on Peter Anthony Holder’s show at 10:35pm Pacific Time, over the web from the website of CJAD 800 AM, Montreal, Canada. And next Friday, he’s the guest of the Molson & Lee Show on WMAY, Springfield, IL, live at 11am Pacific Time. Click and enjoy. 

Photo above by Richard Schave. Stay tuned for more grisly images soon. 

Crimebo on the Radio

Seems like everyone wants to talk with our Crime Clown Crimebo!

Tune in online this Monday to hear his first two interviews, both on international radio stations. In the morning, Crimebo shares some brekkie with Jack and Ali on Spin Talk 103.8 in Dublin, Ireland at 6:30am Los Angeles time. And then at 10:35pm Los Angeles time, he’s on air with Peter Anthony Holder on CJAD 800 AM, Montreal, Canada. On both shows, he’ll share some of the more grisly things that happened in the Los Angeles area on July 31s over the decades, and offer a little insight on what it’s like to be the world’s only Crime Clown.

Crimebo will talk with you, too… for a price. Contact the editrix to book an in-person or telephone consultation from Crimebo’s Big Book of Terrible Crimes for the date of your choosing. 

Introducing Crimebo, the 1947project Crime Clown

Press release

July 26, 2006

Crimebo the 1947project Crime Clown Brings Morbid Fun To Special Events in L.A.

LOS ANGELES- Afterwards, the guests had to admit the party had been dragging a little, when Crimebo the Crime Clown pulled up in his windowless murder van (with the passenger side doors disabled) and emerged clutching his Big Book of Terrible Crimes. With a hearty "Hiya Mr. Birthday Boy, wanna learn something bad about your special day?," Crimebo launched into a hilariously disturbing litany of murders, kidnapping, arsons and high weirdness, winding up with the declaration that only someone pretty twisted would have the foresight to be born on a day like that, handing out some Crimebo Fan Club Cards and racing off into the night "to do bad stuff."

Crimebo the Crime Clown is not your ordinary party entertainer. Armed with his Big Book of Terrible Crimes, this witty and sinister fellow brings to every birthday party, wedding shower or office bash a window into an alternate, ultra-creepy history.

Was someone kidnapped, murdered or tarred and feathered on your special day? Do you share a birthday with a serial killer? Is your wedding day also the anniversary of a notable execution? Crimebo the Crime Clown has the skinny, and he’ll share it with his unique brand of morbid glee.

If you’re truly twisted, or love someone who is, then Crimebo is the perfect addition to your next celebration. With research provided by the acclaimed true crime bloggers of the 1947project, Crimebo knows when all the famous bodies were buried, but also about the utterly strange, forgotten happenings that are calibrated to blow minds.

Crimebo will be making a special public appearance on the next 1947project Pasadena Confidential Crime Bus Tour on August 6, and is available with one week’s notice to appear at events throughout the Los Angeles area. A personal visit from Crimebo costs $150. Telephone greetings are also available.

Crimebo is currently portrayed by Michael Perrick, host and creator of the popular Jew Night celebrations at Mr. T’s Bowl and otherwise known as Fucko the Clown.

To schedule an interview with Crimebo or 1947project blogger Kim Cooper, contact Kim at, 323-223-2767

For more info on the 1947project blog or Pasadena Confidential Crime Bus tour, visit