Actor, Doused With Water From Hose, Isn’t Amused

May 24, 1947

Homeowners, it’s like this: you own your home; the sidewalk and the curb and the street belong to everybody!

Earl Richard Casper, I’m talking to you. What were you thinking, hovering around in front of your pad at 833 N. Cahuenga, arguing with Ted Stanhope (45, occupation: thespian) over how he was parking his car? Turning your hose on Stanhope’s engine, killing it and ensuring that both he and the offending machine would remain right there–the former now in a state of indignation? And blasting Stanhope with the hose when he got out of his car to protest?

Casper, you’re lucky he just rassled with you on the lawn, took the hose away and called the cops. Next time, can’t you just be a normal uptight freak, lurk behind the curtains and mouth bad words?