The World of Otto Parzyjegla

With Kim and Larry’s complete coverage, I’ll go photo-heavy on this one and let them speak for me.

The scene of the crime – amazingly, still a printer’s shop. 821 is on the far right.

While post-47, a pic of the cut-out signage:

Much of this area was demo’d for freeway construction. Had the 110 had been built a hundred feet to the west, we would have lost the Veckoblad HQ. Instead, this Utter-McKinley mortuary was sacrificed for an overpass abutment:

Looking up Cherry, a quiet residential street, now neither, scene of the watch drop:

The area bounded by Pico, Figueroa, Washington and Burlington:

The Parzyjegla home – the 400 block of Jefferson was also eaten by the 110.

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