The Return of Nathan

People everywhere stop me on the street and query “What up dog, where you been?” I consider this, wonder why they’re talking like that, and go on to tell them that while I’ve been away, I’ve now returned and am, I add, in full effect.

Seems I went off and did this -– (I’m not only a first-class cameraman, but can portray Karl Benz in a Velomobile with the best of them) — and simply neglected to cease traveling. Lot of crime scenes in Cuzco and Sumer to be investigated after all. Sadly, my photos of Atlantean gang killings were “lost” by the lab. Damn Illuminati.

Anyway, I’d left McCarthy at the dock, so trusty Packard and I immediately set forth, traversing town to catch up on old posts. Which are now live-witness twenty-five brand-spanking-new entries au go-go,five for July, eleven in August, another nine in September.

Love and kisses, and death to all those who oppose us,


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