A new web project from editrix Kim

Birth announcement: Subcrawl

Announcing the launch of Subcrawl, a new group linkblog overseen by yrs truly whose subtitle is “tomorrow’s zeitgeist today.” Our brilliant editors, many of whom also contribute to Scram, a journal of unpopular culture, will be presenting a hand-picked selection of their most intriguing online discoveries. We hope you’ll tune in and enjoy the show.

Subcrawl is at https://www.subcrawl.net
and we welcome your feedback.

One thought on “A new web project from editrix Kim”

  1. very interesting blog, young person.By the way, I am not pitching anything, advertising anything, trying to sell you anything..or otherwise using the blog commercially.I find it most annoying to click on to comments on one of my blogs and find it’s a sell job. Grr! Your blog is unique. I like it.

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