Augusta Mayo To-day

I’m sorry. What’s the big deal? If rancid meat is good enough for our fighting men, shouldn’t it be good enough for our children? Sure, only 379 of our 5,462 casualties in ’98 were caused by battle, a fair share of the rest felled courtesy Chicago’s Armour & Co. Carrion Plant, but did you hear our brave boys in Guanica and Santiago piss and moan about a little spoiled meat? No! Because they spiced it up a bit, using those delicious native spices! Spiced it up good, I bet!

And now, I am going to inundate you with photos of Mayo Elementary. Trust me, it will do you good.

And last, but not least-

-the cafeteria! Yes, the cafeteria (no finer original 30s industrial tile floor in all of Los Angeles), scene of Peal and Berman’s “crime.”

Peale is a NUTRITION SUPERVISOR, for the goodness’ sake. I think she knows what she’s doing. And I’ll thank you not to denigrate our brave fighting men again.

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