605 South Plymouth To-day

Do not mess with Lionel Stander. The gravel-voiced six feet of iron from the Bvonx was Red-blooded, as in an unapologetic ideologue for Uncle Joe, and told HUAC t’go fuck themselves to boot.

In 1947 he landed a bit part in Call Northside 777 but by ’51 was soundly blacklisted and didn’t see the business end of a camera again ‘til the early 60s.

After having stirred the masses, he ended up as chauffeur for Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. Like to think he was cogitating on proletarian uprising as he tooled the bosses around. On the other hand, had he become a starveling of slumber? Those Rolls seats are pretty cushy, y’know.

The house in question:

Uh, humble digs there, comrade.

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