You Can’t Be Noirish 24/7

Psst, that crime bus has filled up… so if enough folks keep asking to be on the tour, we’re gonna add a second bus on Saturday January 14. Waaaaah, I hear you cry, but that’s not the anniversary of the discovery of the Black Dahlia’s body! True, dearest, it’s the anniversary of her last day of captivity. Much creepier, don’t you agree?

But I didn’t stop by to talk mutilation murder, not this time, but rather to alert you that when your humble editrix (moi) isn’t blogging weird crime, I’m publishing Scram, a journal of unpopular culture. We’re having a holiday sale, where you can get three gift subscriptions for the price of two, or a flat rate envelope stuffed with mags at a bargain rate. If you like neglected genius, oddball pop, true tales of lives lived distinctly and “the best cover art since the old Esquire” (sez Gene Sculatti), then you might want to check this link out.