The Party’s Over

January 27, 1947
Hollywood Hills

Harry Babasin, 25, was just sitting down to a chess game with William Haller, 24, when all heck broke loose. Sixteen State and L.A.P.D. Narcotics officers busted into the large home at 5751 Tuxedo Terrace and placed the whole joint under arrest. In addition to Babasin, a member of Benny Goodman’s band, and Haller, late of Freddie Slack’s outfit, this included Nelson Shelledy, 28, formerly of Charlie Barnett’s orchestra, and Haller’s lady friend Mrs. Bonaline Stewart, 30, a secretary.

Siezed in the raid was $500 worth of primo gage (aka maryjuana), of which Mrs. Stewart groused, “I’m just a victim of circumstance. I went there on a date with Bill Haller. I was downstairs when I heard all the commotion. What will my boss think, and my family?”

They’ll think that you’re an older woman who hangs around jazzbos, doll. And we at 47project think you’re a-okay!