Middy’s Air Army

This is too damn suspicious. Sure, go ahead and argue it’s likely there’s some sort of giant feline-bolixing lodestone under Venice sending cats up trees, or a scientist shooting suicidal brainwaves to the pussy population…tell yourself anything you want…but the disturbing fact remains that the last time we blogged about a cat leaping from a tree, it was one block away.

My instinct tells me there is something of the treacherous cat intelligence at work here…there are independent agents of the feline flying corps across Los Angeles (cf. our post of August 9) but to set up an actual base of operations? They are grouping…planning… plotting…waiting…there’re 75,000 Mexican Fan and Canary Island date palms in Los Angeles, and probably as many of these beasts…prepare for the sky-darkening clowder of carnivorous cats!