Good Doggie! Fight the Power!

January 4, 1907
Los Angeles

Patrolman Sanders arrived at 2521 West Temple Street today to investigate complaints that a bull terrier had been a naughty dog.  doggie

He was met at the house by a woman who insisted the dog was quite friendly and most quiet.  “I’ll show you,” said the woman, who opened the door…and with one bound the pooch leapt upon the patrolman, tearing his coat sleeve and trouser leg.  When Sanders drew his revolver, the fearless canine took the muzzle in his mouth and began a protracted game of tug o’ war with the interloper.

Sanders kicked the dog away, and the woman gathered the pup up in her arms and bore him away, weeping hysterically, crying “I’ll have you fired from the force you brute!”  To which the tattered Sanders replied “Go ahead—do anything but please don’t let that dog out again!”



The Times does not report on any further outcome of this encounter. 

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