Los Angeles demands goats for fire safety

Frankie the Fire Goat is on Myspace… be his friend?

Please click here to sign our petition demanding fire-fighting goats to protect our city! Please note, protest signatures will not appear or be counted. (Below, Channel 7’s Elsa Ramon with Frankie the Fire Goat)

Frankie with Shepherd Hugh Bunten and Elsa Ramon from Channel 7 News
To:  City of LA/ L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks 


The citizens of Los Angeles are deeply concerned after serious wildfires in the Griffith Park and Hollywood Hills have destroyed vast swaths of urban wilderness and killed or displaced thousands of animals during their breeding season.

These fires feed upon unchecked dry undergrowth, and endanger lives, homes, historic monuments and our enjoyment of the city. It will take decades before Griffith Park is restored to its pre-fire condition.

We the undersigned demand that the City of Los Angeles and the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks respond to this continued threat by bringing in shepherds with herds of goats to graze on the dry hills, a plan previously implemented with great success by UC Berkeley in the aftermath of that community’s devastating 1991 fire.

Goats are economical, ecological fire-fighting machines that produce fertilizer as they clear hills and canyons of weeds, poison oak and dry chaparral. Additionally, the animals are charming, newsworthy ambassadors for fire safety, a subject that needs to be more widely discussed.

We want to save our parks and mountains. We want goats!


The Undersigned

Please click here to sign our petition demanding fire-fighting goats to protect our city! Please note, protest signatures will not appear or be counted.

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  1. You might want to get a bodyguard for Frankie.


    OAKLAND, Calif., May 23 Authorities in California are hunting for whomever is responsible for killing 15 goats taking part in a brush-clearing effort.
    Editrix’ note: Frankie and his herd are guarded by humans and dogs 24 hours a day. Those poor wee goats in Oakland were staying alone in a temporary enclosure overnight when they were killed.

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