How Do You Hook a Speckled Trout?

July 11, 1927
Riverside, CA

squirreltailbaitHonorable Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States
Summer White House
Rapid City, SD

Dear Mr. President,

Have observed the pleasure you are taking in fishing during your vacation this summer.  We think you may be interested in a special lure, used with much success in California to tempt the speckled beauties which abound in the streams near your summer home.  We are sending under separate cover a few of our best "California squirrel tail bait."  These were specially made for you and we trust they will bring you much luck.  Squirrels are an agricultural pest in California, but we do find some use for a part of their anatomy.  Trusting you will accept this contribution to your pleasure in the same spirit here manifested, we are:

Yours very truly,

L.J. Tobias, Chief Deputy Sheriff
George Bottel, Horticultural Inspector

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