Maternity Fraternity

September 12, 1927
Los Angeles
"No longer will food be bolted at the table.  No longer will the rooms and corridors resemble the interior of a Turkish bath with young men in various states of undress.  No longer will the strains of ‘Columbo,’ ‘Lulu,’ and ‘Trojan Razz Song’ blare out from the dinner table."
That’s right, the boys of USC are getting civilizing influence, whether they like it or not. 
Today USC President Rufus B. Von KleinSmid announced that each of the school’s 19 fraternities would be required to submit to the supervision of a house mother.  This had been a pet project of Von KleinSmid’s for over two years, but was staunchly opposed by fraternities and sororities alike.
Josephine Campbell, president of the Panhellenic Council, explained the women’s opposition to house mothers saying, "I believe college men should be able to take care of themselves and house mothers would make them dependent, rather than making them stand on their own feet and run the frat houses as they have in the past."
Because USC women aren’t about to step through the pansy ring for any momma’s boys.

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