Starlet Boo-Boos

December 5, 1927

clarabowSome minor cuts scrapes for Clara Bow today, but that’s what happens when you take on the USC football team.

No, no, it’s nothing like that.

Ms. Bow hosted a garden party, to which she invited a few members of the victorious Trojans.  The glamorous hostess revealed herself to be an avid fan of the sport, and asked quarterback and future College Football Hall of Famer Morley Drury how the team managed "those end-around plays."  The Trojans were only too happy to demonstrate on the lawn.  Caught up in the spirit of things, Ms. Bow drew too close to the "Thundering Herd," and was pommelled to the ground.  Fortunately, she suffered only a bruised thumb.

doloresAnd what started as a few pesky mosquito bites turned into a near-miss disfiguring for Dolores Del Rio.  While vacationing in Soboba Springs, Ms. Del Rio treated the bites with an acid-based ointment.  Today, she was treated by a physician for burns and "skin poisoning."