Employee of the Month

January 3, 1947
Echo Park

The two robbers, one tall, one short, both shabby-looking, entered the California Bank branch and Sunset and Alvarado during the afternoon rush. At first they waited for a turn at LaVonne Quigley’s window, then made a sudden switch to Edward G. Miske’s teller station.

It was a bad choice. For when the tall man slid the note reading “This is a stickup. Give the alarm and we’ll kill you. We want your money.” across the counter, Miske looked right down the barrel of an automatic pistol and snapped “You’ll not get any money!” Then he reached for the alarm and was promptly shot in the arm, severing an artery.

The two men rushed out of the bank, up Alvarado, to Reservoir and into a waiting Yellow Cab. But their bad luck wasn’t over. Gerald Hough had just parked behind the cab, and reported the license to police. By nightfall, hundreds of officers were searching the city for the men, while brave, foolish Edward Miske celebrated his 26th birthday at Georgia Street Receiving Hospital. Despite losing a lot of blood, he is expected to recover.