One Final Gift

January 4, 1947
Los Angeles

Bernard E. Schwartz died in his car near the intersection of Stocker and Baldwin Streets. He had run a hose from the exhaust pipe into the cab. When passing motorists discovered the body, they also found a note directing that Schwartz’ corneas be donated to someone who needed them.

Unfortunately, Schwartz had been dead too long for his eyes to be transplanted. However, his friend and executor Arthur Wasson has honored the dead man’s desires by arranging for all usable portions of Schwartz’ body to be used for the aid of science at Medical School of the University of Southern California.

Schwartz, a former Naval chief petty officer who lived at 3835 W. Seventh Street, left a poignant note explaining his passing as “a simple case of suicide, induced by my complete lack of desire to continue living.” He was thirty years old.