Temple Beth El To-day

You’d think after the whole Holocaust thing, you’d cut us a little slack there fella. (My grandparents went to Auschwitz and all I got was this lousy nation of Israel.)

You know, we had real Judeophobes then. Henry Ford! Charles Lindbergh! Walt Disney! Patton! And we’ve got who, now, the French? Puh-leeze.
And in ’47 there were no namby-pamby Abramoff scandals; there were real Jews to hate and fear. Walter Rothschild. Henry Morgenthau. Bernard Baruch. Kirk Douglas.

Maybe Mr. Bang-Bang is upset about the whole Communism thing (conveniently ignorning the Yevsektsiya purges). Course, Communism didn’t work out so well…but wait’l the Hebrews get ahold of the Civil Rights movement…that will give ol’ sharpshooter a kick in the nutzies!

Anyway…Hollywood Beth El was founded in 1920, the Wilton temple consecrated in 1923. After having gone through the tagging and the oiling and now this rifle business, they busted a move and were in a brand new modern building on Crescent Heights by the High Holy Days of 1952.

The Wilton Place structure stands:

Although there’s no evidence of past unpleasantries.

It is also, uh, no longer a synagogue.