Celeb Behind Bars

April 18, 1927
Beverly Hills
johngilbertJohn Gilbert, celebrated film star and sometimes paramour of Greta Garbo entered lock-up today with a sheepish grin on his face.  Gilbert was arrested for disturbing the peace early on April 11 when he appeared at the Beverly Hill Police Station after a party at his home, demanding that someone be arrested.  Who exactly, he wouldn’t say.  When police explained they could not make an arrest without a name, Gilbert became so boisterous that he was jailed until morning.
"I must have been laboring under a hallucination and looking for trouble," Gilbert said of his behavior.  "I wasn’t angry at any of my guests and I just went down to the station and the boys took care of me; very kind to me."
Gilbert was sentenced to 10 days in jail, which he said, "ought to be a nice, quiet vacation."
Could there have been trouble with Mauritz Stiller, Gilbert’s main rival for Garbo’s attentions?  Too much sauce?  Or just a celeb behaving badly?  It’s anyone’s guess – Gilbert kept mum on the cause of his outburst.

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