The Fox in Captivity

December 25, 1927
Pendleton, Oregon

It’s a blue Christmas for the family of Marian Parker this year, though they may take some pleasure in the knowledge that accused killer William E. Hickman tried to kill himself today-both times conveniently in front of a guard (Hickman was planning an insanity defense). The child murderer celebrated the holiday in a Pendleton, Oregon jail cell, prior to being transported back to Los Angeles for trial. Guards reported that Hickman roused himself from hours of lethargy by tearing pages from a bible and scattering them on the floor. He then asked for a handkerchief, and when his jailer obliged, quickly knotted it around his throat and pulled tight. The guard rushed into the cell, where Hickman climbed to the top of his bunk and attempted to dive headfirst to the concrete floor. The State of California went on to accomplish what Hickman failed to on October 19, 1928.

Celeb Behind Bars

April 18, 1927
Beverly Hills
johngilbertJohn Gilbert, celebrated film star and sometimes paramour of Greta Garbo entered lock-up today with a sheepish grin on his face.  Gilbert was arrested for disturbing the peace early on April 11 when he appeared at the Beverly Hill Police Station after a party at his home, demanding that someone be arrested.  Who exactly, he wouldn’t say.  When police explained they could not make an arrest without a name, Gilbert became so boisterous that he was jailed until morning.
"I must have been laboring under a hallucination and looking for trouble," Gilbert said of his behavior.  "I wasn’t angry at any of my guests and I just went down to the station and the boys took care of me; very kind to me."
Gilbert was sentenced to 10 days in jail, which he said, "ought to be a nice, quiet vacation."
Could there have been trouble with Mauritz Stiller, Gilbert’s main rival for Garbo’s attentions?  Too much sauce?  Or just a celeb behaving badly?  It’s anyone’s guess – Gilbert kept mum on the cause of his outburst.